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Superior Motor Body Trimmers in Coffs Harbour

Paul will give your car the special care it deserves


 Paul Kennedy is Coffs Harbour's specialist in Motor Trimming. He draws on over 35 years of experience, expertise and a passion for quality trimming. He loves the opportunity to work on unique jobs, so talk to Paul about any ideas you have. He is not just a Motor Trimmer; he is an interior designer for cars.

  If you've got creative ideas, need a collectors vehicle restored to its original condition or want to put some finishing touches on your modified Hot Rod or Classic, then Paul Kennedy is the person for you ! Paul Kennedy Motor Trimming  also refurbishers all aicraft and marine interiors.

 As well as Motor Trimming, Paul's talent and expertise have also been drawn upon by many Multi-National firms to fit out their buildings with first class commercial upholstery.

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Paul Kennedy Motor Trimming provides all the Motor Trimming services you require, including.

  • Full Retrims
  • Seat Repairs
  • Carpets
  • Leather change overs
  • Rooflinnings
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Commercial Banquette Seating & Wall Panneling
  • Aircraft & Marine interiors

Whatever vehicle you have and whatever style you desire, we can finish it for you!

About us


Paul Kennedy is fully trades qualified and is a former NSW Motor Trimming Apprentice of the Year.He has over three decades of experience in all the Motor Trimming services you will require. He pays the finest attention to detail and  is passionate about providing top quality Motor Trimming. 

  Paul is the expert you can trust with everything; from the smallest seat repair to complete restorations. He is proudly committed to customer service and understanding exactly what you want, so that he can bring your vision to life!

Paul's work is multi award winning and has many of his projects published in National Street and Rod magazines.

Paul is also proud to say, every picture on this site is from his Coffs Harbour workshop.